Settlement talks to begin on Trump U

The case is scheduled to go to trial later this month and Trump is expected to testify in his own defence.

The president-elect denies the allegations and has argued that he relied on others to manage the business.

But Burns cautions that there's a crucial difference between the case Clinton dealt with and the ones confronting Trump: Clinton was sued personally, whereas Trump's cases concern disputes with businesses that he is or was involved with.

A federal judge Thursday tentatively rejected President-elect Trump's bid to bar his campaign rhetoric from a fraud trial from a lawsuit alleging his Trump University was a scam.

The six-year-old lawsuit alleges that Trump University falsely gave the impression that it was accredited, that students would be taught by experts hand-picked by Trump and that they would receive a year of mentoring.

Curiel ruled Thursday, November 10, in San Diego, California, in a class-action lawsuit against Trump over the defunct Trump University.

"Now he's going to have to take into account whether that's the best use of his time, and he has to weigh his desire to be here against the needs of the country right now", Petrocelli said.

Trump's lawyers argue that customer surveys show the vast majority of students were satisfied with the course.

Et si Trump fait la surprise — Présidentielle Américaine
Au milieu de ces échanges, des Américains indécis après une campagne marquée par un niveau de violence verbale sans précédent. Elle se raccroche désormais à un dispositif qui aurait dû lui servir à conclure sereinement sa campagne.

In an Associated Press report on the aggressive tactics of Trump University, a "sales playbook" outlines how employees should guide customers through "the roller coaster of emotions" once they have expressed interest.

Significantly, Mr. Trump's lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, said "we are all ears", while the class's lawyer, Patrick Coughlin, discouraged such hopes of resolution, stating that the parties were "miles apart" in previous discussions. In that case, he represented the family of murder victim Ron Goldman.

"That technology is obviously important to us when we're caring for airmen that are injured and we're trying to get them back safely", she said.

He said he doesn't know if Trump has any willingness to settle this case after fighting it this far.

Witnesses' political affiliations, voting preferences or political contributions will not be admissible at trial because it "has no apparent relevance and may be unduly inflammatory", Curiel wrote in an opinion. There are as many as 7,000-plus potential class members in the three states. If Trump is found liable, the trial would move to a second phase on damages.

The former AFRL commander said ensuring technology is ready is "one of the continual challenges in our business" and one reason some new weapon systems exceed budget costs.

Voters knew they were choosing a businessman to be their president, and a litigious one, at that.

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