Hyperloop One picks 10 possible hyperloop routes around the world

The company threw open the Hyperloop One Global Challenge in May 2016 for individuals, universities, companies and governments to develop comprehensive proposals for deploying Hyperloop One's innovative transportation technology in their region. Beyond that, the route focuses on the I-25 and I-70 corridors.

While nine other international routes were announced as finalists, the Colorado route is the only one currently slated to move ahead with a formal study. The 1102-kilometre stretch will take passengers and goods from Mumbai to Chennai in just 63 minutes and would go via Pune, Kolhapur, Dharwad, Tumakuru, Bengaluru and Vellore.

Oh I-70, could your days of trying to kill drivers rushing to the slopes be limited?

Hyperloop One will host in-country workshops with each team, and connect them with its global partner network to sharpen the feasibility and scope of the potential routes.

"The excitement around Hyperloop is in its potential to reimagine transportation by eliminating the barriers of distance and time", Michael Burke, chairman and chief executive officer AECOM, said in a statement.

In 2012, Elon Musk revived an interest in pneumatic tube transportation system and named it hyperloop, a proposed mode of passenger and freight transportation that would propel a pod-like vehicle through a near-vacuum tube at greater-than-airline speed. The two India routes were developed by AECOM India and Hyperloop India, respectively.

Grid View
Grid View

Hyperloop One announced ten winners of their Global Challenge that searched for the best routes to improve transportation between major cities around the world, and one of those winners features a Texas Hyperloop.

It has carried out a close assessment of the proposals with a panel of infrastructure, tech, and transport experts scrutinising the details, and now 10 teams from five countries have been selected from hundreds of applicants.

Hyperloop One plans to have three routes running by 2021, the Daily Mail reported.

Other regions competing for the system include routes between Chicago and Pittsburgh, Miami and Orlando, and Dallas and Houston.

The Hyperloop is not newfangling at all, but, rather the oldest song in the world: the many pay for the few want to do, and few get the credit. It joins the ranks of the certifiably pipe-dreamed, the same celebrated company as Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea, the Cincinnati Subway, and a peaceful post-American Iraq.

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