Why Did the US Government Ban Kaspersky Antivirus Software

While Kaspersky continues to deny any relationship with the Russian government, emails obtained by Bloomberg earlier this year show how it developed software for the Federal Security Service (FSB), one of the intelligence agencies that allegedly attempted to influence the U.S. election.

Additionally it cited concerns about "ties between certain Kaspersky officials and Russian intelligence and other government agencies" and that Russian laws could compel the company to assist Russian intelligence agencies to intercept communications traveling over Russian networks.

A United States government decision to stop using security software from Kaspersky Lab is "regrettable", the Kremlin said on Thursday. Kaspersky issued a statement denying the claims, saying "the accusations are based on false allegations and inaccurate assumptions".

According to Reuters, the order applies only to civilian government agencies and not the Pentagon, although Kaspersky products are already not allowed on military networks, after the US General Services Administration removed Kaspersky from an approved-vendors list in July. Federal agencies have three months to remove the software.

However, Kaspersky Lab has not been able to shake off the allegations because it is harder to prove that you are innocent while everyone says you are.

Also of concern is the possible Association of employees of "Kaspersky Lab" with the Russian intelligence service and other agencies. The senate is voting on a defense-splurging bill that would prohibit Kaspersky Lab products from being utilized by American government agencies definitely systematizing Wednesday's instruction into law.

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In the latest denial, following the DHS announcement, Kaspersky said it was disappointed with the U.S. government's decision.

"[The US government] declining to take it, and taking this action, has the air of politics - not security".

Worries rippled through the consumer market for antivirus software after the USA government banned federal agencies from using Kaspersky Labs software. "Basically, it seems that because I'm a self-made entrepreneur who, due to my age and nationality, inevitably was educated during the Soviet era in Russia, they mistakenly conclude my company and I must be bosom buddies with the Russian intelligence agencies ..."

In a statement, Kaspersky Lab claimed it was disappointed by the decision, but that it would be taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the DHS to submit a written response to mitigate the department's concerns.

China had banned Kaspersky from Government contracts in 2014, however, it also banned Symantec in the same round and so may not be a reasonable comparison.

What the DHS is concerned about specifically is the company's anti-virus software.

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