Clinton: Debate prep included Trump stand-in 'stalking me'

But the shunning of Clinton and the degradation and mockery of her words all these months after Election Day have implications outside of the nation's political sphere.

McManus writes, "A backward-looking slog through the disappointments of last year's campaign is not what most Democratic politicians want to dominate the news this fall".

AT one point in her new book out this week, titled "What Happened", Hillary Clinton wonders why it is she has triggered such strong negative reactions from some people since the beginning of her public career. "I don't blame voters for wondering what the heck was going on".

One is the savaging of her reputation by an updated version of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" she accused, with some justification, of smearing her and her husband in the 1990s-including radical conservative donors, fake-news peddlers and Russian hackers and their internet bots, all egged on, wittingly or not, by a Republican candidate who "trafficked in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far reaches of the internet".

Minutes after the interview aired, Trump tweeted: "Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody (and every thing) but herself for her election loss".

The year saw a great deal of previously unseen phenomena - overtly racist and sexist bullying, Russian hacking and the presidency handed off to a man who has boasted about sexual assault on hot mic, and mocked the disabled as well as prisoners of war.

Debate conclusion: "I won the debate according to the analysts." . It's not our role to decide what a customer would view as helpful or unhelpful in making their decision.

Many political observers are saying the midterm elections will be difficult for Republicans. The treatment of her speech raises the question of the treatment of all women's speech, in a society where women, women of color and LGBTQ women remain widely underrepresented, where being interrupted and sidelined and spoken over even in those spheres where they are represented is, for most of them, everyday life. Her handling of the Benghazi attack as secretary of state?

A Saint-Martin, une habitante sermonne Macron
En l'occurrence, il s'agissait d'un vrai lit, dans la maison qu'un gendarme avait libéré pour la circonstance. Dans l'entourage du chef de l'État, on regrette la restitution "caricaturale" de cet épisode dans les médias.

"Unfortunately - and I don't say this with any glee -I'm sad about it, we're not getting the kind of information from this White House that we should", Clinton said. Celebrating the death of coal-mining in Ohio is (no kidding) a particular regret.

Threats of rape and violence - especially with the rise of social media - have become an everyday norm for female lawmakers, journalists and activists in the United States and around the world - sometimes not from online trolls, but from their own colleagues. "OK, look, the locker room isn't as bad as that". "So we practiced because I thought they would be a big deal", Clinton said on "The View".

Bernie Bros had bite: " I didn't get that same, you know, respect and reciprocity from Senator Sanders or from his supporters". There is also little reason to think a more populist message would have helped her there.

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I mean, really: How could anyone have survived all that?

When, too, has any election culminated in a greater disaster for democracy? "I'd like to see us move beyond it, yes".

Quite often the media focuses on the other side of the coin, i.e. Russia wanted Trump to win the election.

"She came in with weaknesses that were completely self-created", Keilar said. The former First Lady was always more admired than loved by her party (a dirty secret that even the slickest Clinton-style stage-management of her rallies could not conceal), and her defeat by Donald Trump eroded much of that grudging regard.

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