Hillary Clinton Understood the Prose, But Never Got the Poetry

Even Clinton wasn't prepared to go quite that far, replying: "Matt, I can't say that". "She says she considered saying to Trump, 'Back up, you creep".

News networks ran almost twice as many scandalous stories about President Donald Trump than about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, according to a Friday study from The Media Research Center.

Trump fired Comey after receiving a memo from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that blamed the FBI director for mishandling the investigation of Clinton's email.

Clinton also told The New Yorker that she took issue with a number of Trump's actions since taking office, including his threats against North Korea amid heightening tensions with the country.

Clinton is not a radical or a revolutionary, a disruptor or a socialist, and she's proud of that fact. Clinton carried the women's vote but not by nearly as much as expected.

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Il est suspendu face à la Bulgarie, le 7 octobre, et ne pourra pas évoluer contre la Biélorussie, trois jours plus tard. Il s'agirait d'un gros coup dur pour Manchester United si cette longue indisponibilité se confirmait.

And she thinks there should be more liberal-leaning shows and publications to counteract a right-wing media apparatus that she calls "propaganda".

Defending Obama wasn't always an easy gig for Clinton. I knew there was no new information. "Some didn't vote. The net effect was pretty clear", she said.

In referencing "deplorables", Trump was referring to Clinton's description of his supporters at a gala fundraiser in New York last year during the campaign. I'm going to be supporting candidates.

On that post-election morning, as Hillary delivered her concession, I sputtered out loud, "How the hell is she doing this?" Trump's base has reclaimed it as a positive term.

If she hasn't blamed or complained about you yet, just wait a day or two, she'll get to you. If a former Secretary of State, Senator, First Lady, accomplished attorney and Yale Law graduate is repeatedly dismissed as a "flawed candidate" because she boasts policy over reality TV theatrics, then what does that say about our country's attitudes towards women? In other words: don't cross her off the list of powerful political players anytime soon. Trump tweeted his take, which is that Clinton is too busy blaming "everybody (and every thing) but herself" for her election loss, and that, "in the end, [she] had no game".

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